• Purchase The McGilli-Caesar for take-out

  • Using only four 8" bamboo skewers, you must top your Caesar with all 22 of its garnishes using any glass* of your choice from home

  • Hold your Caesar with one hand without losing any garnishes, then take a video or photos** of you holding your McGilli-Caesar creation

  • Upload your video or photos to either Facebook or Instagram, TAG US (@mcgillicafeys) and add the following hashtags:



  • McGillicafey's Pub and Eatery will choose the top 10 contestants to become finalists based on the presentation of their Caesar 

  • The finalists will be posted on our social media feeds for YOU to vote for YOUR favourite. The contestant with the most votes will win the title   'McGilli-Caesar Master 2021' with a $100 gift card to the pub


The McGilli-Caesar

How can I participate?

Who can build it best?

Contest Rules

  • Contest begins Wednesday, January 6 at 11:00am EST and ends 11:59pm EST on the last day of lockdown in the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District

  • Must be 19 years of age or older to participate

  • All contestants must purchase*** The McGilli-Caesar for take-out during the lockdown in the HKPR District

  • You must LIKE and FOLLOW us on either Facebook or Instagram - whichever platform you plan to post your   McGilli-Caesar creation

  • Your post must include our tag (@mcgillicafeys) and both #GILLIESCAESARCHALLENGE and #LOCKDOWNCAESARCHALLENGE hashtags

  • You may only use the four 8" bamboo skewers provided to stack all 22 garnishes on top of your glass*

  • Photos or video must show all garnishes present on glass and must be picked up with one hand without losing any garnish

* glass must rimmed with the Matt & Steve's Caesar Rimmer provided and must be large enough to hold the contents of the Caesar cocktail sold - approximately 13oz

** video or photos must show contestant holding glass with one hand and all garnishes present. Multiple photos taken at different angles may be required

*** Price to purchase The McGilli-Caesar is $35 + applicable taxes. No substitutions for garnishes can be made.

  • 2 oz Skyy Vodka*

       Classic Mott's Clamato Caesar (13 oz total)

  • Matt & Steve's Caesar Rimmer

  • (2) Breaded Shrimp

  • (1) Pulled Pork Slider

  • (1) Zesty Chicken Slider

  • (1) Smokey Habarnero Suicide Chicken Wing

  • (1) Zesty Cilantro Chicken Wing

  • (1) Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wing

  • (1) Candied Bacon

  • (1) Pepperoni Pizza Slice

  • (3) Matt & Steve's Extreme Beans

  • (2) Sliced Dill Pickles

  • (2) Manzanilla Olives

  • (2) Sweet Pickled Onions

  • (1) Pepperoncini

  • (1) Celery Stalk

  • (1) half of Lemon

  • (1) half of Lime

* may be omitted or substituted for another bar rail selection